What is Parylene Coating? How is Parylene Coating Performed?

Chemical insulation is applicable in various industries and it grows in its importance with every passing year. A unique material named Parylene was found to form an insulating layer several decades ago and is applied as an insulator to this very day. The unique qualities of Parylene coating have made it a popular insulating material that can be applied using vacuum technology.

Insulation is essential in several processes as it protects materials and increases their durability. Insulation of materials is an important part of several industries that traditionally used liquid coats as insulants. Liquid insulation was difficult to apply, which required the use of a non-liquid compound.

Parylene is such a compound that can be applied to different materials without going through a liquid phase. The powder form of Parylene is used as a protective and insulating coat in the medicine, electronics, and aerospace industries thanks to its unique properties.

A Parylene film, which is formed by the application of a Parylene powder, creates an even and pore-free layer on the materials it is applied to. The even Parylene layer is also resistant to organic and inorganic materials, making it all the more important for insulation.

To reach a high level of insulation, it is essential to perform an accurate Parylene coating. How is it possible to achieve such a coat? By using an accurate Parylene coating method – vacuum coating. Parylene coating vacuum systems are comprised of a vacuum pump and a vacuum chamber that operate in 0.02 to 0.1 mbar pressure.

The coating is performed on clean particle-free materials that allow the creation of an even insulating coat. The system also contains a cold trap that leads to the extraction of the monomer polymerises form of Parylene that is disruptive to the process.

The Parylene coating system is built to provide an accurate coating of different materials, and it is an inseparable part of many processes that require insulation and its subsequent properties.

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